I DON’T KNOW ABOUT YOU | One Nerdy Turn Deserves Another Volume 3

5 Mar

Dear Jennifer,

You knew this was coming didn’t you? So far, our birthday gif volleys have included anime, general BBC, Psych, Community, Avengers – But on this, your twenty-second birthday, there was only one choice.

Let me try again.

Happy birthday, Jen! There may be no legally-recognized benefits to turning twenty-two, but hey, at twenty-one you can drink, and at twenty-two, you can be, uh, (checking lyrics) happy, free, confused, and lonely at the same time?? In any case, I hope this day’s all magical and no miserable (oh yeahhhhhh). Tonight’s the night you forget about the deadlines (but not really because you’re an adult and you have to work tomorrow); it’s time.



How did this even happen? You unspeakably darling young woman you, you’re growing up so fast. What are you going to get yourself for your birthday?

By the way, I will still come over to your house if you get that cat you’ve been talking about. I’ll even only be miserable in secret. But for the sake of all the people in your life that are allergic to cats, you should totally look into getting one that’s allergen-free. If not, you know, just make the decision between the people you love and housing an animal that will shed on everything you love.

More to the point of your impending new era of life: I think you’ll rule at it.

It’s been enchanting to meet you/know you my whole life, and I’m beyond stoked for our future adventures. And while I’m more or less convinced there’s not a person alive you couldn’t charm, the world is full of people who aren’t that nice and will try to deflect their discouraging thoughts and negativity toward you.

However, time has taught me, you, and clearly Taylor Swift a valuable lesson we should never forget.

So keep doing you, because you are glorious. Your positive attitude and ambitious excitement is contagious and you can use it to fire people up, amass armies, and just get crap done. It might seem weird to others at first…

But they’ll end up loving you for it. Devote time to figuring out what you want, devote what you want to the Lord, devote yourself to making it happen, and you can’t lose.

Disclaimer: Even then, it’s sometimes going to feel like you have no idea what you’re doing.

But hey, guess what?

Keep waking up in the morning and using what you’ve learned to start over. Check in with yourself from time to time to make sure you’re still fighting for something that matters to you and not losing yourself in the process.

And never ever be too proud to give yourself a pep talk.

Of course, if you’re ever not up for doing it yourself, then I’m very much available to give you that pep talk instead.

And don’t forget the importance of precision of speech.

(Rosemary you’re a disgrace)

Anyway, it is your birthday – I know you’re proud of all that “running a half-marathon” and “staying healthy” trash you’ve been been doing lately,

(and fine, you totally should be proud) but I hope you still find it in your heart to murder some birthday cake today as well.

((I am equal parts very ashamed and incredibly proud of that wordplay by the way. I have zero regrets and there’s no way you can prove to me you’re not chortling at my pun right now, so I win. I hope you’re reading this on your phone in public and making faces whenever I try to be funny.))

Hey, enjoy your twenty-second year of life, would you? Play to win, cos you love the game.

Have a very happy birthday.

And I hope this song is stuck in your head at least until the end of the week. (You deserve it)


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