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Post Traumatic SDCC Disorder

31 Jul

One week ago,  the very foundations of California were shaken by a single, unified fan scream.

If you live anywhere near an internet connection, I bet that you felt it too.

San Diego Comic-Con 2014.

Seeing as there’s no need to drop the ball on nerd-knowledge just because I was not present, I’ve compiled a list of my favorite bits from the convention. Therefore? Coming to you from that room of dreams, Hall H, here is some of the best of SDCC 2014.

  • Chris Hardwick, Crown Prince of the nerds (and the person you wish you were), took the selfie to end all selfies with the one and only DC trinity.

You’re looking at Batman, Superman, and Wonder Woman posing for a picture taken by Marty McFly.

What a time to be alive.

  • The Avengers: Age of Ultron panel featured a gloriously skilled and surprisingly long table of Avengers, and the angels cheered (though their voices were obscured by those of the hyperventilating fans in the crowd below).

Notable events included Chris Hemsworth’s announcement of intent to turn into the female Thor in an upcoming adaption (“I don’t want to jinx it, but this might be my oscar”), Robert Downey Jr’s gift of roses to the audience and to the lady cast members, and Josh Brolin (or as we know him, Thanos) making a surprise appearance for the sole purpose of fanfare and eating one of Downey’s proffered roses.

All very normal things.

  • The Agents of SHIELD panel, (a show which outgrew its name in no more than twenty-two episodes)graced us all by releasing a gag reel.
  • And later, still during the AoS panel, a teaser was shown (not available unless you’re a level seven agent) in which it was revealed that a Bobbi Morse was going to be joining the SHIELD roster.

Bobbi Morse? you ask. Wait, Mockingbird? You continue, standing up, your voice getting more frantic and excited. Sweet baby Moses, are you kidding me right now? you scream into the late afternoon sun as you spontaneously sprout wings and take off, startling your friends and family. Hawkeye crossovers aheadddd is the last thing your loved ones hear as you disappear over the horizon.

I know right I’m so excited too

  • Since you couldn’t be there, Mark Ruffalo took the liberty of acting just like you would have in reaction to the range of celebrities present.

Is that Paul Rudd?

Living legend.

And, though it wasn’t officially related to the world’s biggest geek-fest, one has to question its convenient timing –

  • Test footage leaked for that movie you want so badly.

“Test footage” people keep reminding us. “As in – not an actual movie. Not yet. Maybe not ever. This is test footage.”

To which, of course, fans collectively replied, “I can’t hear you,” before turning back to our friends and screaming “DEADPOOL” over and over again. All that leaked footage has largely been reclaimed by Fox on copyright grounds, but considering that few things are ever scrubbed form the internet, there are still a couple of places you can look. (Warnings: Strong language, and, hey, it’s Deadpool: violence)

Such a long panel, but the highlights as far as I am concerned involved Gollum impressions from Andy Serkis, an expression of interest in a LOTR-flavored museum with original props, and an analysis of how surprisingly attractive Elf ears can be (as if that was news to anyone).

As per the event, there were questions for the panelists: “Where would you take Smaug at the Comic-Con?” asked one fan. Benedict Cumberbatch, ever the charmingly insulting gentleman, made a face and replied “Probably Hall H. I don’t think he’d fit in anywhere else.”

I feel like one or two people might want to disagree, but considering that a good chunk of people probably dressed up as the menacing dragon, it seems a fair enough remark.

It takes all kinds at SDCC, so obviously there was much more to the convention; but these have been the parts that got me in the send-all-caps-texts-to-everyone-in-your-contact-list mood.

Pretty apparently, I didn’t make it this year. Maybe you didn’t either, if you felt compelled to come here to learn these things.

We didn’t make it this time. That’s okay. Not even Joss Whedon went this year. It’s okay to skip every now and then.

But let’s not make it a habit.

See you next year, fanpeople.

DIY Denial (You Don’t Need SDCC)

25 Jul

Look at you.

You’re on the internet during the San Diego Comic-Con week.

Hey, me too. I feel you. We’re on the outside, peeking in through the proverbial window. Think of all the people right now, sweating out of their larger-than-life cosplays and screaming to each other about that teaser that they just saw that you will not see for nine more months. Think of them and let that tear slide down your cheek.

Pull yourself together. You know what you need? A diversion.

As a life-long expert on the topic of  hijacking conversations, changing subjects, and general denial, I’ve come today to try to distract you. To help you get your mind off those pesky voices whispering, “people have been able to touch Chris Evans today,” and “Hundreds of people are within earshot of Cecil Baldwin right now” while you’re trying to get work done.

(This is only treating a symptom, of course. You should probably seek professional advice about those voices.)

I recommend some form of working with your hands. An especially easy paper craft would be downloading and printing out some of the adorable free printable mascots over at Digitprop. I’ll walk you through it.


Supplies needed:

20140725_150323Step One: Start by cutting around the little man. Only cut on the bold lines, the dotted lines are to be folded.

Step Two: Stick indicated sides together to make the shape of the man. Tape, glue, or really, any mild adhesive will do. I actually used an envelope sealer because I have so undeniably hit rock bottom. But we’re not here to talk about that. We’re here specifically to not talk about that.

Optional Step: If needed, intensify folding by singing death metal to drown out the sound of cheering coming from the general direction of San Diego.20140725_151956Step Three: Admire your new mascot. Well done! You were almost productive today! Try not to notice that your little paper friend looks like an adipose. Try even harder not to notice that he has a bowtie, much like a whole different type of alien whom you’ll never get to see at a Comic-Con again.

Step Four: Give up. Print out the blank printable instead, to create a parchment pal who won’t loaf around on your desk looking like a cheap piece of Comic-Con merch.20140725_152321Step Five: Cut out new blank printable.

20140725_152828Step Six: Decide who you would like to be your new mascot and draw their likeness on your beautiful blank canvas. Be creative! Maybe create a new person altogether, someone with his or her own hopes and dreams. Someone unique, like you.


Step Seven: Did you just make the Vision?

You’re hopeless.

Step Eight: Weep.20140725_154224


Step Nine: Give him a cape.

(And don’t forget to check out the Vision in all his glory on the new Avengers: Age of Ultron poster.)

Trailer Breakdown for The Day of the Doctor

19 Oct

The Day of the Doctor.

The 50-year anniversary of the classic sci-fi show, Doctor Who.

It’s fair to say every DW fan who didn’t go to this year’s Comic-Con has been [very impatiently] awaiting this trailer since July.

And now that it’s finally here? Obviously, the next logical stage is to watch it until the very mention of it sickens you, correct? Click here to begin that particular journey, and then swing back around here to freak the heck out share in an insightful dialogue about it.

Or something.

(TARDIS noises)



Also, Doctor. That’s important too.

Is this whole trailer going to be in black and white? Because I appreciate a nod to original, colorless 1960’s television as much as the next guy, but I also really like the shade blue on that box over there.



(And Doctor, too.)

Ah, the first and fabulous. Look at that spectacular iceberg of a head of hair.

“I’ve been running all my lives,”



but I’m actually kind of happy to see you so hey there man


This is probably the first time that I’ve seen that skeleton-through-the-skin graphic and not scoffed loudly.

Well done, BBC.

“Through time and space,”

I have this theory that every time Matt Smith says the words “time and space,” a baby smiles for the first time. No way to prove it, but the point still stands.

Well, hello there, Doctor Two. You and your bowl cut look exceptional today.dw_10

“Every second of every minute of every day for over nine hundred years.”

Mm, yes. I would know The internet at large would know that scarf anywhere.


“I fought for peace in a universe at war.”

that expression

them jelly babies

I believe I’ve been compromised

Okay, let’s talk about this enigmatic, hastily-shot graffiti.

No more what? No more fighting for peace in a universe at war? No more Doctors? No more jelly babies? No more explanation?



But seriously, no more what?





“Now, the time has come to face the choices I made in the name of the Doctor.”

You  know, I think fencing in a fancy suit was one of your better decisions.


Why, Clara, my adorable, hardcore, little baby barn owl. Welcome home.dw_17

“Our future depends on one single moment, on one impossible day;”

wUT *loses mind because perfect scene*






“The day I’ve been running from all my life…”



AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAoh hey I’m sorry that was obnoxious.dw_23


… And you know it’s about to get real.


“The day of the Doctor.”



Please, darling, I don’t speak European.


(All of America, in unison) “Ohhh!” 

Everybody, that’s really soon. I feel a countdown coming on.

Thirty-five days starting… NOW.

*dons bowtie and grabs screwdriver*

I’m gonna need a pot of coffee, twelve jammy dodgers, and a fez.


Ain’t No Party Like Comic-Con

22 Jul

A little while back, I was mindlessly scrolling through tumblr, when I stumbled upon a strange image.

It was a young man with a bar stool on his head. In one hand, he held a whisk, and in the other, a plunger.

The caption read “My cosplay.”

You know how he looks to normal people?


This dude looks stark raving mad.

But to those of us in the know – well, he still looks stark raving mad, but we know he’s dressing up as the Doctor’s most hated enemy, the Dalek. (Daleks have no concept of elegance)

Now picture this type of person, fully insane and loving it, and multiply it by (give or take) 130,000. Just for kicks, give them all money to burn and take away any semblance of will power they thought they had. Got it? Good. Now put all of them in the same convention center in a little town called San Diego. Hello, Comic-Con.

The 2013 San Diego Comic-Con ended last Sunday after four days of fangirls and fanboys cosplaying, trailer-watching, panel-visiting, line-standing, and a gloriously unhealthy amount of screaming. I did not attend, but I was as present as I could be without utilizing money and gas to be “there” in the physical sense. From my remote location, I learned a few things about this year’s SDCC.

  • At the X-Men: Days of Future Past panel, attendees asked all the right questions: “With the expanding Marvel universe… Is Deadpool possible?”
  • … And got all the wrong answers: “Anything’s possible.

So… no? Just say no. Stop allowing my hopes to exist.

There would have been a Catching Fire trailer breakdown post, but there’s already been one trailer released, and as my breakdown dialogue would have been made up of all-caps declarations of love for this film and its characters, it would have gotten real weird real fast. And my posts are never weird.

  • The Doctor Who 50th Anniversary trailer was shown exclusively to the comic-con audience.
  • Said trailer was then denied internet release for a few weeks. Or months. 

Remember, these are the same people who still haven’t given you season three of Sherlock.

  • Season four of Sherlock was confirmed. 

Cool, guys. I’ll just pencil that in for 2021.

  • Loki of Asgard gate-crashed the Thor: The Dark World panel and raised his army from a seemingly innocent crowd of by-standers.

And every Hiddlestoner there died instantaneously. I’m only kind of exaggerating. Watch the way-too-easy take-over here.

  • The title of Avengers 2 was made public. The year 2015 will see the release of The Avengers: Age of Ultron.

I know what you’re thinking. And by that, I mean, “I know what I was thinking.”

“Yes! Finally, an intro for Henry Pym (Ant-Man/Giant Man/Goliath/Yellowjacket/The dude who created Ultron) and Janet Van Dyne (Wasp), who, by the way, should have shown up a while ago, but who cares? No one can leave them out of the story now!”

  • Joss Whedon confirmed that Henry Pym would not be part of Ultron’s origin story.

Not cool.

These are just a few highlights from the biggest nerd party in the country. I didn’t attend, and maybe you didn’t either. That’s fine! It’s nothing to be ashamed of, and hey, you can get most of the details on the internet anyway.

We didn’t make it this time. That’s okay.

But let’s not make it a habit.

See you next year, fanpeople.

My People

22 Mar

Several weeks ago at dinnertime, my sister Jennifer and I were talking about how badly we wanted to attend the San Diego Comic-Con. As our discussion grew more heated and our voices more maniacal, my daddy interrupted us – “Girls, I went to a comic convention once.”

“Did you?”

“Yes. Once.” He laughed. “Those are not our people.”

Jennifer and I turned and shared a look.

Oh, but Daddy,” I sighed, leaning in to give him the bad news, “those are our people.”

My people.

Fangirls cannot exist by themselves. We are not lone wolves. Many of us are introverts, and therefore not exactly pack animals, but alone, we wilt. If I didn’t have my Fangirl friends to support me, I would keep every well-placed Disney quote to myself, and I would never be able to squeal without shame over Mr. Darcy’s face. I would not know the pleasure of being able to share a knowing look with a companion when someone said the word “spoilers” and I would certainly never be able to yell “You’re such an idiot! You’ve been Loki’d again! LOKI’D!” in someone’s face without being carried away by security guards.

This is one of the reasons that my friends are the best friends. They not only put up with me, they go along with me.

My Canby friend told me that when she got a car, she would name the keys “Heimdall” and her car “Bifrost” so that when she went to unlock her car, she could yell (think Thor), “Heimdall, open the Bifrost!”

Phoenix (Yes, I nicknamed my friends with superhero identities. Don’t judge) dressed up as Amy Pond for Halloween, and I dressed as River Song.

Invisible Woman and Wasp sang “Dramatic Song” with me at the top of our lungs (in public) with no shame and all splendor. One of my favorite moments this year.

Kuuipo has the honor of being the first to tell me about the Weeping Angels of Doctor Who, and the first to warn me to never watch them alone. I did, by the way. At night, no less, in a room with bad lights that kept blinking. (Incidentally, when my friend Aydray allowed me to force Doctor Who upon her, her first Weeping Angel experience ended up also being in a dark room at night. Atmosphere is everything, Love.)

I could go on [forever], but I don’t want you all to get massively jealous. Many of you are my people too, after all, and I love you guys. And I love my friends. Yes, of course, even the ones that aren’t Fangirls. Love. That’s why it’s so unfortunate that I don’t let them know how smashing they are more often.

I find, and I don’t think I’m the only one that does, that it’s pretty darn easy to take friends for granted. They’ve been with me through so much, that I tend to think that they have no choice but to go on that way – but they do. The fact that they haven’t abandoned me yet is cause for celebration in itself. The friends who I have not kept as well, I miss, but the ones I have? It is harder to remember to cherish them.

If anyone doesn’t consider themselves a nerd and yet is still reading my blog (my my, how brave of you!), I they as well know what I’m talking about. This is not a problem exclusive to me, nor to nerds. Even if you don’t have conversations with friends that consist mainly of pop culture references, you still have friends that are precious. So let them know! Write a letter (handwritten – don’t cheat) or meet for tea or plan a Marvel Movie Marathon day.

Okay, so that one is a bit more exclusive to nerds again, but hey, work with me here. I was totally normal for about five seconds. Small victories!

That said, I have to go write a letter.

Have a sparkling day!