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One Nerdy Turn Deserves Another.

5 Mar

For my last birthday, my lovely sister Jennifer made me a beautiful compilation of gifs to celebrate my milestone. But today she turns twenty! Pretty big screaming milestone, don’t you think? So to commemorate the occasion, I decided to return the favor. It’s a BBC kind of birthday.

Happy birthday, Jen! You’ve made it past the teenage years.


So now, you’re obligated to become a slightly boring adult, right?


Don’t worry, that isn’t actually a necessity, and thank goodness, I can’t actually picture it happening to you. Now, what does happen is that is that you realize that you are now two decades old. You realize that however big a deal it was when you turned ten, it is now double the big deal.

That is an enormous deal. There are several ways to look at this. You can think, “I’m almost not a minor!”

or “I’m a grown-up!”

or “I’m old enough for these guys!”

The thing to remember is that although being twenty is spectacular, it is not nearly all the spectacular that there is to be experienced.

You’ve seen a sampling of what there is, and you’re certainly not done yet, nor should you be. There is adventure to be had, and knowledge, danger, excitement, comfort, and love.

And an awful lot of running to do.

And yes, before you ask, the sappiness was completely necessary to allow me to use the gifs I wanted to. So sue me.

But it’s all true!

Anyhow, all this to say, I hope you have a wonderful birthday and a wonderful every-day-after-that. Thanks for being a fabulous sister and person in general.

Love you and God bless, Jenzie!

Fangirl Analysis

18 Feb

A few months ago, the little brother of a friend asked me what “fangirling” was.

Oh dear. So much to explain.

At the time, I was unprepared to properly enlighten him, and I rambled off a half-baked explanation that it involved squealing and bouncing, but today, I’ve come to redeem myself. Ladies and gentlemen, this is my analysis of a fangirl.

“Fangirl” is either a noun (e.g., “That girl crying in the corner must be a fangirl.”) or a verb (e.g., “I’m sorry, Emory can’t come to the phone right now, she’s fangirling about Colin Morgan.”) As a noun, it is a young woman who is unabashedly enthuasiastic about fictional characters and/or their respective actors (especially ones from the United Kingdom), and as a verb, it means to disregard socially acceptable behavior and scream like a banshee, breathe faster/stop breathing, write fanfiction, post on tumblr, sigh loudly, giggle uncontrollably, lose the function to think, and/or jump up and down.

Fangirl lingo includes the following:

  • Ship – to endorse a romantic relationship between two people, usually fictional characters. “I ship Fitz and Gigi so hard!”
  • OTP – stands for “One True Pairing” and is a term used for your favorite ship. “Amy and Rory are my OTP!”
  • Can – seems like a familiar word, but no. It is a word that illustrates how your too-severe fangirling has shut down your brain. “I can’t… I can’t. I can’t even. I have lost the ability to can.”
  • Fanfic – abbreviation for “fanfiction.” A story about fictional characters written by one of its fans.  “Have you read that Sherlock  fanfic, Alone on the Water? I have lost the ability to can.”
  • Squee – a high-pitched scream delivered by a fangirl, and usually provoked by something fictional. “SQUEEEEEEE”

Below is my collage of all you need to understand fangirls and how their minds work. I got everything from Pinterest or youtube comments, and none of it is my own creation (though, admittedly, it looks like it could be). Click to enlarge!

If you got through the entire thing (congratulations!), one thing will stand out: the screaming.

Yes, we do that on occasion. Don’t judge.

When I went to the midnight premiere of The Hobbit, one of the first previews was for Star Trek Into Darkness.  Four other girls and I screamed at the top of  our lungs. And yes, while I feel sorry for the other people in the theater, I would do it all over again if I had the chance. The only time I’ve fangirled harder in a movie theater was at the end of Captain America (midnight premiere again – who sleeps anyway?). The first teaser for The Avengers. My sister and I were holding onto each other so tightly and hitting each other so hard, I’m surprised we didn’t both come out with bruises. THAT is fangirling.

Any questions?

Anyhow, if we’re still holding onto the definitions, “fanboy” means basically the same thing except that it is male and “fanboying” doesn’t sound nearly as catchy as its female counterpart.

If there was any confusion on the matter, I certainly hope this helped. Thus ends my analysis!

Hug a fangirl today.