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Another Very Whovian Post

7 Aug

Last Sunday, an announcement of inestimable importance was made to the geek world.

As you already have internet access, chances are you’ve heard this news. You may have already drawn up fan art and written fanfics and spammed internet forums with your opinion.

However, I’m going to re-announce it, because news this massive has to be taken in doses. Let’s take it back to Sunday.

Last Sunday, we learned who the Twelfth Doctor was.

Last Sunday, we learned who’s still not ginger.

Number Nine does, as ever, speak the truth.

Ladies, gentlemen, and variations thereupon, meet Peter Capaldi, the Twelfth Doctor.


Or, as the Whovian internet community has come to know him, Alpacapaldi.


That’s correct. We’ve only acknowledged his existence for four days, and we’ve already pasted his face onto a fluffy quadruped. Welcome to the family, Peter.

When the news broke, I was in my church nursery, trying to follow someone’s live-blogging of the program. (For the record, hiding an emotional crisis is even harder when you’re surrounded by adults who don’t care and nine-month-olds who aren’t even aware that they’re missing out on something)

When the Twelfth Doctor’s name was announced, I pulled up Internet Movie Database as fast as possible and searched for Peter Capaldi’s bio.

And then proceeded to stare at the page blankly.

I’m not sure what I was expecting.

But it’s safe to say that fifty-five-year-old Capaldi was not it.

It was like seeing someone I’ve known and loved for years suddenly turn into someone I just don’t.

So, basically… regeneration.

I went through the normal stages of acceptance. Caring soul that I am, of course I made sure half my church knew about this Gallifrey-tinted revelation. Shipper that I am, I carried on to mourn the loss of my young Doctor and the sudden creepiness of Whouffle (the Clara/Doctor ship). But then, fan that I am, I remembered: The Doctor is over 1200 years old.


Fifty-five is fabulous.

If you’re over a hundred years old and you’re still in charge of your bodily functions, it’s impressive. So being over a thousand years old and looking fifty-five – you’re doing pretty darn well, friend.

And as far as casting goes, it makes sense. If you’re like me and spend far too much brain power empathizing with fictional characters, you’ve probably noticed Eleven’s I’m-At-Least-Four-Hundred-Years-Too-Old-For-This look.

(If you’ve bothered to stick around this long in the post, I’m going to assume you do spend an inordinate amount of brain power on fiction. You’re not alone here.)

In most of his recent episodes, Eleven has a moment where every single one of his 1200 years shows on his face. He spends so much time trying to be an adolescent; I’m sure his repressed tired old man is screaming to get out.

I don’t think that Twelve will, in fact, be a “tired old man,” but I think he will serve as a reminder that the Doctor has been around the block a few times, and has most certainly been hurt and hardened by it.

So, while I’m sure that I won’t like to see my Doctor sign off, I am intrigued by the impending next few seasons. I am also pretty certain that Capaldi will soon be added to the list of men whom I shouldn’t be attracted to, but am anyway.  I look forward to the adventures that always accompany the last Time Lord.

The Twelfth Doctor

So, dear Twelve: