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Have a Brilliant Day

6 Oct

I realize that sometimes people wake up on the wrong side of the bed. I want to make sure that that never happens to you people. I am not going to be posting for a while, so I’m here today to look out for your future.

Here are the steps to having a brilliant day.

Wake up. Realize that you have not been murdered in your sleep. Congratulations!

Look in the mirror. Recognize that you are a rare and fantastic unicorn of a person.

Wink at self. Self will appreciate it.

Wear your favorite outfit. If your favorite outfit is dirty, unavailable, or non-existent, then dress like a Time Lord.

Carry on with normal day-to-day activities, stopping frequently for dance breaks.

Behave yourself as if you are auditioning to be a Disney princess (thus dance breaks – and you may need to take singing breaks as well).

If someone around does something not Disney-princess-worthy, move on and make a Jim face to the imaginary cameras (unless you have real ones at your disposal).

Be gracious, and let your loved ones know you care about them by likening them to Jedis or Totoros.

Acquire glow-in-the-dark stars for your bedroom ceiling (Don’t tell me you’re too old for that. You’re not.) and stare at them as you fall asleep.