So What Do You Say When We’re Twenty-Six |Birthday Post Volume 7

5 Mar

Dear middle sister,

I just copied and pasted the opener from your last birthday post. I can’t describe how thrilled I am that I don’t have to go back and link every post we’ve made in the past six years. Thank you for the doing the work so I don’t ever have to again. Also, I hope my choice of birthday-post-theme isn’t outside of my lane – I know I haven’t delved into this show that much, but the gifs are just. too good. Plus this show has given birth to too many memes for me to just let it lie.

Dear everyone else,

I’ve linked below, with no help at all from anyone else, all the words my sister and I have thrown at each other in the name of love and tradition. Enjoy if you like, then read what I am realizing now is essentially a pretty personal birthday letter, you creeps.

Mikayla Rae

Mikayla turns sixteen (Studio Ghibli) • Mikayla turns seventeen (Psych) • Mikayla turns eighteen (Avengers) • Mikayla turns nineteen (​Siblings) • Mikayla turns twenty (SNL) • Mikayla turns twenty-one (Alcohol) • Mikayla turns twenty-two (Gravity Falls)

Jennifer Ryan

Jen turns twenty (BBC) • Jen turns twenty-one (Community) • Jen turns twenty-two (Taylor Swift) • Jen turns twenty-three (Bob’s Burgers) • Jen turns twenty-four (X-Files) • Jen turns twenty-five (Firefly)


Jennifer, another year has gone by where you absolutely graced the daylights out of the world with your existence. Graced it right the hell up. I may not have gotten to spend a lot of this year with you in person, but everytime I see a text, an instagram post, an unimaginably long snapchat story, a postcard, or anything you’ve sent me or been involved in, I have the same reaction:

Image result for it's always sunny in philadelphia love you gif


You’re a wonder. Your self-motivation is wild; I’m so impressed with how much you make yourself train, or how consistent and dedicated you are to doing your job well. You’re a beast.

Image result for it's always sunny in philadelphia gym  gif

(And don’t worry about your sleepytime tea songs. You’re no crazier than normal.)

Image result for it's always sunny in philadelphia sleep  gif

Your late twenties are here, and that’s sick, my dude. Don’t get down about it, you’re still a spring chicken.

Image result for it's always sunny in philadelphia wow gif

You appreciate a good view like no one else –

Image result for it's always sunny in philadelphia gif

I mean, you have to. You moved down to Redwood country.

You’re such a gracious host when I make it down, not to mention you’ve spearheaded the most magical beachside picnics I’ve ever attended.

(NEVER too much cheese)

Thanks for always listening to me, and never being the kind of person to shoot people down or make someone feel silly for their interests or passions. Your positivity and genuine interest in people never goes unnoticed, ever! You’re smart, you’re cute, you’re so loved. I used to hate running into people who asked me about you because I missed you so bad and it hurt to remember you weren’t a ten minute drive away anymore. Now I adore it. When I see someone around town who asks “How’s Jen doing?” I absolutely light up because I am so excited to share with people that Jen seems so happy, Jen works at a lighthouse (WHAT), Jen sent me a picture last week, wait, let me show you – I’m so proud of her!!

Even if you weren’t doing any of that, Jen, you’d still mean the world to me – to me and to your whole family.

Image result for it's always sunny in philadelphia hug gif

I love you Jen! I hope twenty-six suits you. I hope this year is full of the best milestones. I hope you see harbor seals everyday. I hope you find that you always know the right thing to do and you always have the courage to do it. I hope you stop watching scary documentaries before bed.


In any case?? I love you and I miss you and I’m excited to party with you next month.

Danny Devito Dance GIF by It's Always Sunny in Philadelphia

God bless babe.

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