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The Clock is Striking Twelve

26 Aug

I always warn you before spoilers, don’t I?

Well, if you haven’t seen Doctor Who season 8 episode 1, I have only one two things to say to you:

  2.  Well, don’t come back until you do.

Last Saturday night, I sat in a dark room full of Whovians; the kind who get so excited that no one really cares that they’re slowly turning the back room of a Japanese novelty shop into a sauna.

It began with a girl dressed as a steampunk Dalek standing up to announce that the episode was beginning, and once it did, there would be no mercy on commentators. There was a murmur of assent from the viewers. The episode commenced. Not a peep was heard for over an hour, save the odd hushed “Awwww” or “ohmygoshohmygosh.”

It was glorious.

For many of you, I do not have to tell what happened in the episode.

Seeing it through strictly unfeeling eyes, it was the usual:

  • Doctor offends people
  • Clara stamps her foot
  • Viewers are scared
  • Characters are scared and then die
  • Doctor voices some variant of “He/She/It was scared”
  • Hands are held
  • Hugs are had
  • Chips are consumed

But of course there was the one prominent difference:

The new Doctor.

This dork.

Click for gif credit

Look at him

Click for gif credit

Really look

Click for gif credit

Let me explain: Eleven was my Doctor. Under such circumstances, I thought it was going to take more than a shouty “I’M NOT FLIRTING BY THE WAY” directed at a rampaging dinosaur to win me over.

The Doctor wears his new face well. And hey, as far as the rest of you go, I understand (in theory) if he hasn’t grown on you yet. But just

Look at him.

Click for gif credit

No, I suppose that’s not what I mean. Don’t just look. The Doctor said it himself. See.

Click for gif credit

That moment killed me. In fact, I am actually writing to you at this moment from the mysterious fountain garden on the other side.

I’ve wanted to hug a lot of fictional characters before, but this moment must have topped the list. So of course they had to stab at that particular ventricle of my heart.

Click for gif credit

“I don’t think I’m a hugging person now.”

*Collective scoff from fandom*

But in any case, I didn’t come here to gush over the Twelfth Doctor.

While I did indeed come here to gush over the Twelfth Doctor, there are other Doctorial things to be addressed. Such as?

  • How one little blow-torch droid set fire to an entire dinosaur
  • The frankly alarming number of space ships skipping around replacing machinery with human remains (I had no idea this was such an epidemic)
  • The umbrella woman in the weird afterlife fountain garden

Oh come on, what else am I supposed to call her?

Mediocre Fact: I actually had to Google “deep breath umbrella woman” to get anything like what I was looking for. I got a lot of weird artwork and one heroic bit of information that told me that the umbrella woman is actually called Missy.

The “Gatekeeper.”

Cool! If anything, I know less than I knew before.

I feed off of your speculation and inside knowledge; please, let me have it. I would absolutely love to discuss this episode with you. I mean, there it was after all, the excellent first episode of what looks to be a very promising season.

So, what do you think?

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[Proper] Trailer Breakdown for Doctor Who Season 8

15 Jul

 Off the heels of the last two skimpy DW teasers, the good people of the BBC have gifted us with an official full-length trailer for Doctor Who’s eighth season, and it features not only the explosions that you loved so much from the earlier teasers, but actual shots. From the show. In good lighting. 

I think I should not be this excited but I’ve still been waiting for this moment for months. So let’s begin, shall we?


I love that opening. It’s deliciously vague. What’s this going to be a trailer for? Sherlock? Copper? A history program and/or short summary of the Revolutionary War? Who knows dw8_4

You would think that somewhere along the last three regenerations, the Doctor might have thought, “Hey – I’m literally seconds from blowing up into a freaking volcano of regeneration energy. Maybe I should keep the TARDIS in park. Just until I’m not disoriented and/or screaming in agony.”

Boy needs a designated driver.

No, not you. (Who calls a time machine a cow?)dw8_7

“Life returns.”

Coming from a species who routinely dies out every ten minutes, I’m inclined to believe it.dw8_8

“I don’t think I know who the Doctor is anymore.”

Coming from the girl who has seen (and saved) every version of the Doctor? Coming from the girl who had a personal adventure with three different versions of this guy simultaneously? Don’t get me wrong, heavy grief over the loss of Eleven forced me to eat the better part of a jar of nutella, but if anyone can be graceful in the face of regeneration, it should be Clara.

“Life prevails.”

Then again, as I am experiencing physical pain watching Twelve not double over and put his full weight on the rails like Eleven used to, maybe I shouldn’t judge Clara for this one.

“I’m the Doctor.

(He repeated, as his self-confidence tapes told him to.)


And to think, just eight years ago, we gave Christopher Eccleston half a store mannequin arm, told him to strangle himself with it, and called it good.

What a time to be alive.dw8_13

“I’ve lived for over 2000 years.

(You know, since back when that mannequin arm move was movie magic)dw8_14


 “Yours is bigger than mine.”

“… Let’s not go there.”


Classic companion shot. But ah, lest we forget, we’re taking on another young grasshopper this season!

So what do we know about Danny so far?dw8_17

… If my calculations are correct, that he’ll fit in just fine.

“I’ve made many mistakes.

“It’s about time that I did something about that.”

I like your snappy little suit. But, hey, you’re talking about the bowtie, aren’t you? I resent that, sir.


“Where are we going?”dw8_22

“Into darkness.”


I did a thing and I'm very proud


“Here we go again.”

Welcome back Madame Vastra and Strax! Never once, watching your first episodes so many years ago, did I think you would make trying to convince people to watch this show so much more complicated and weird. Thank you?dw8_24


(Don’t worry, I kind of hate myself for making that reference)

All right, let’s get real for a moment. Life’s treating you hard, isn’t it? Sometimes you wonder if it’s all worth it? You’re looking for some ray of hope, some glimmer of joy in this dark world.

Well, BBC is here to say: you’re welcome.

Go on, squeal. You know you want to. And frankly, I feel kind of lonely sitting here squealing by myself.

And don’t worry, to keep those joyful expectations  in check, the BBC has thrown a little bitterness and destruction in there. Just for you.

And… robot crusaders? I’m down.dw8_28

“The British are coming!”

I’m not joking give me a Revolutionary War episode it would be so cool

I know it’s probably too much to hope for, judging by Clara’s very much not ancient Roman attire, but all I want is for her to be talking to a member of the Sibylline Sisterhood from “Fires of Pompeii” here. Obvious bonus points if it’s Karen Gillan.


And, if you look closely, you can see the Doctor Who producers collectively denying the rainbow-skittle-makeover the Daleks got early in season five. I don’t think anyone minds.

And of course, Sexy hasn’t changed. Still begrudgingly going along with the whims of a man who consistently brings home strays and drives her mid-regeneration. That’s love for you.

“Clara tell me: am I a good man?”

Tune in for Doctor Who this August to see the Doctor  played by a moody teenager having an existential crisis!


“I… don’t know.”

And don’t miss Clara, played by his mom, who wonders where this new attitude is coming from.


And by the by, I would never diss Nine’s mannequin arm scene. That was classic.

Trailer Breakdown for Doctor Who Season 8

9 Jul

 If you’re on this blog of your own free will, chances are that you’re familiar with BBC’s two recent, feeble attempts at  teasers. Each lasted an exhaustive fifteen seconds, didn’t have a single well-lit shot between them, and they still managed to make me and DW fans everywhere weep with joy and mourning. It’s a true art.

So today I have a treat for you.

Ever since Doctor Who Confidential was canceled, we’ve been deprived of some of that behind-the-scenes action that was so fun to watch after each episode aired. That’s why I am pleased to present to you today, the genuine minutes of the boardroom meetings where these teasers were discussed and digitally edited. It wasn’t easy to get these notes, and bits of them are burnt, so I might be leaving some parts out. Just bear with me.

MB: “We want this look at the Doctor to be memorable. Important. So blow some of that garbage up in the back.”

KW: “Garbage?”

MB: “The TARDIS.” 


MB: “Brilliant. Again.” dw_4

RW: “Ken and I had a couple ideas too,”

MB: “Sh. One more time.”

RW: “Okay.”dw_5

MB: “It’s beautiful.”

RW: “Can we put in some talking?”

MB: “Whatever.”

“Clara, be my pal, tell me: am I a good man?” dw_6

“I don’t think I know who the Doctor is anymore.”

KW: “You know, this is not how reflections work. Or eyes.”

RW: “No one asked you.”

MB: “I’m so bored right now. Cut to black.”


MB: “Okay kids, now I want the Doctor Who Teaser Mark II to have everything that made the last one great.”

RW: “That’s reasonable. What was that?”

MB: *Turns out lights and sets table on fire*

KW: “Right.” dw2_1

MB: “Okay, everyone, strong beginning. Let’s go stronger.”



RW: “Sir,”

MB: “MORE”dw2_3



RW: “Sir, we’re all a bit worried about the mental state of the viewers. Any way that we could give them a break?”

MB: “Fine. Give them a shot of that old dude and some of that ‘dialogue’ trash you won’t shut up about.”

KW: “Thank you.” dw2_5

“I see into your soul, Doctor. I see beauty, divinity, hatred!”

KW: “Is it just me or was that line more Captain Jack-esque than Dalek?”

MB: “Okay, you two have had your say.”

RW: “You don’t mean” dw2_6


KW: “What! Where are his other organs? This is not how x-rays work!”

MB: “Shut up and give me a close-up of those hearts.” dw2_7


RW: “SIR NO”dw_7

The last few pages of the transcript are in ashes. I heard Michael Bay was fired from the creative committee some time afterwards.

(Don’t worry about it. It probably gave him more time to work on Titanic.)

Another Very Whovian Post

7 Aug

Last Sunday, an announcement of inestimable importance was made to the geek world.

As you already have internet access, chances are you’ve heard this news. You may have already drawn up fan art and written fanfics and spammed internet forums with your opinion.

However, I’m going to re-announce it, because news this massive has to be taken in doses. Let’s take it back to Sunday.

Last Sunday, we learned who the Twelfth Doctor was.

Last Sunday, we learned who’s still not ginger.

Number Nine does, as ever, speak the truth.

Ladies, gentlemen, and variations thereupon, meet Peter Capaldi, the Twelfth Doctor.


Or, as the Whovian internet community has come to know him, Alpacapaldi.


That’s correct. We’ve only acknowledged his existence for four days, and we’ve already pasted his face onto a fluffy quadruped. Welcome to the family, Peter.

When the news broke, I was in my church nursery, trying to follow someone’s live-blogging of the program. (For the record, hiding an emotional crisis is even harder when you’re surrounded by adults who don’t care and nine-month-olds who aren’t even aware that they’re missing out on something)

When the Twelfth Doctor’s name was announced, I pulled up Internet Movie Database as fast as possible and searched for Peter Capaldi’s bio.

And then proceeded to stare at the page blankly.

I’m not sure what I was expecting.

But it’s safe to say that fifty-five-year-old Capaldi was not it.

It was like seeing someone I’ve known and loved for years suddenly turn into someone I just don’t.

So, basically… regeneration.

I went through the normal stages of acceptance. Caring soul that I am, of course I made sure half my church knew about this Gallifrey-tinted revelation. Shipper that I am, I carried on to mourn the loss of my young Doctor and the sudden creepiness of Whouffle (the Clara/Doctor ship). But then, fan that I am, I remembered: The Doctor is over 1200 years old.


Fifty-five is fabulous.

If you’re over a hundred years old and you’re still in charge of your bodily functions, it’s impressive. So being over a thousand years old and looking fifty-five – you’re doing pretty darn well, friend.

And as far as casting goes, it makes sense. If you’re like me and spend far too much brain power empathizing with fictional characters, you’ve probably noticed Eleven’s I’m-At-Least-Four-Hundred-Years-Too-Old-For-This look.

(If you’ve bothered to stick around this long in the post, I’m going to assume you do spend an inordinate amount of brain power on fiction. You’re not alone here.)

In most of his recent episodes, Eleven has a moment where every single one of his 1200 years shows on his face. He spends so much time trying to be an adolescent; I’m sure his repressed tired old man is screaming to get out.

I don’t think that Twelve will, in fact, be a “tired old man,” but I think he will serve as a reminder that the Doctor has been around the block a few times, and has most certainly been hurt and hardened by it.

So, while I’m sure that I won’t like to see my Doctor sign off, I am intrigued by the impending next few seasons. I am also pretty certain that Capaldi will soon be added to the list of men whom I shouldn’t be attracted to, but am anyway.  I look forward to the adventures that always accompany the last Time Lord.

The Twelfth Doctor

So, dear Twelve: